11 Makeup Tricks That Will Make Your Look Flawless


Every girl cares about her looks, and there’s always something in her appearance she would like to change: get a nose job, make her lips plumper, or get rid of blackheads. But there is no need for extreme measures. The perfect look just requires the proper makeup tools and a little bit of time.

Here has collected for you a few tricks that will help you to achieve the desired effect.

1. How to slim down your face


Contouring is one of the best makeup techniques to define and sculpt a face. First, apply foundation (2 shades deeper than your skin tone) on the edge of your hairline and just below your cheekbones to achieve a "hollow cheeks effect." Finish off by swiping highlighter across the center of your forehead, under your eyes, and the tip of your chin. Blend everything out.

2. How to fake a thinner nose

If you want your wide nose to appear more narrow, there is a simple way to make it happen. First, use dark contour powder to add 2 lines leading from your eyebrows along the bridge of your nose. Then darken the tip of your nose. Apply a lighter shade of powder (one shade lighter than your skin tone) on the bridge of the nose itself, and blend everything out. Use this technique to shape different nose types.

3. How to cover up dark circles

Use concealer to hide signs of sleep deprivation. Apply it in a direction from the inner corner of your eye to the outer one, making sure to cover the problem area only. It’s better to make light strokes rather than dot the concealer. If you blеnd it out with your fingers, warm them up — it’ll make the process easier and the results better.

4. How to make your forehead look shorter

You can make your forehead appear smaller with just 3 simple tools: a brush, a sponge, and a cream bronzer a few shades darker than your skin tone. Apply starting at your temples, and move the brush upward along your hairline. Then carefully blend it out, avoiding a visible transition.

5. How to shape your eyebrows


To make your eyebrows look perfect, take an eyebrow pencil or wax to define them, drawing a top and bottom border. Fill in the space between the lines, but make sure to start filling a little aside from the top of the eyebrow to give it the most natural look. Apply concealer under the bottom edge of the eyebrow.

6. How to make your eyes bigger

First define the crease: sweep an eye shadow (one shade darker than your natural skin tone) along the crease of your eyelid. Use a nude or white pencil to line the lower waterline, opening and brightening up your eyes. Then add a little bit of shimmer to the inner corners of your eyes and just below your eyebrow arch. Finish by curling your eyelashes — this will lift them up, making your eyes appear wider.

7. How to avoid a mascara mess

Putting mascara on is the final touch to your makeup, but it often gets out of control and lands on your eyelids. To make sure that doesn’t happen, use a spoon. This is a foolproof way to keep the rest of your makeup intact. Place a spoon as shown, and apply mascara as you normally would. You will see that all the residue stays on the utensil. This will also help you to reduce clumps. You can repeat this trick with your lower lashes.

8. How to soften your lips

Exfoliating helps to prevent chapped lips, keeping them soft and smooth. Moisturizing with a balm will get rid of that "dry lips" feeling, but you also need to remove dead skin cells regularly. Simply apply a bit of balm or Vaseline to your toothbrush, and gently scrub your lips.

9. How to increase lip volume

You can visually plump up your lips in a few simple steps. Start by applying a white lip pencil to the center of your lips. Then trace your natural lip line with a colored pencil. Blend the white pencil in the center of your lips to even it out, and finish by applying lip gloss.

10. How to hide blemishes

If you want to cover up acne and other skin imperfections on your face, apply some moisturizer to the problem areas. Lightly rub it in, let it dry, and powder your face. Another tip is to use a green concealer instead of lotion. The green color neutralizes redness and makes the inflammation less obvious. Remember not to use light pink blush as it will highlight every little pimple. If you can’t forego blush, use a light brown one.

11. Sharp eyeliner and defined lips


You can use pieces of pads or tape to give your eyeliner a sharp and awesome look. Contour your lips with highlighter on top — it will make them look bigger and fuller.

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