13 Ingenious Tips Every Girl Will Love


Female wit knows no bounds. Every girl can look 100% awesome without wasting time and money. Of course, she has to know some clever tricks.

Here shares 13 grooming tricks that will totally change your life.

№ 13. Warm up old lipstick to make it look brand new.


Take the lipstick, put a candle under it, and warm it up. The color filler will melt and spread along the whole area. When your lipstick has cooled completely, it will look brand new again.

№ 12. Warm up your eyelash curler with a hair dryer before using it.

Before you use an eyelash curler, you can hold it under hot water for a moment or warm it up with a hair dryer. Your lash curls will "live" longer.

№ 11. Vaseline removes black spots.

All popular beauty products can be harmful to your skin. But there is a safe and, more importantly, fast way of removing black spots.

Wash your face, and apply some Vaseline to your clean skin. Cover it with a piece of cling wrap and then with a towel. Remove the cover after 5 minutes, and squeeze the black spots with a dry tissue.

№ 10. Make an eco-mascara that won’t harm your lashes or your skin.

Grind several pills of activated carbon. Add some aloe gel, and mix it with the carbon powder. Such mascara will provide good makeup and, at the same time, will do no harm to your eyes and skin.

№ 9. Use adhesive tape to prevent your cut nails from scattering.

If you are tired of finding your small cut nails in different corners of your apartment, attach a piece of adhesive tape to the nail clippers. This will solve the problem.

№ 8. Make your makeup brushes last longer.


Makeup brushes will preserve their form and integrity if they are frequently washed and dried vertically. A clipboard will serve this purpose well. Just attach a rubber band to it to secure the brushes.

№ 7. Lip balm is an awesome agent for softening cuticles.

Use lip balm for your cuticles instead of a regular softener. It contains components that will make the skin around your nails smoother, heal microfissures, and provide extra moisturization.

№ 6. Do not use a towel if you want soft skin.

This tip is rather popular in Korea. Everything is quite simple: after you wash your face, do not rub it with a towel. Use a moisturizing cream instead. This way, your skin absorbs the cream better and stays soft.

№ 5. Warm up the tube of your favorite beauty product to get every last drop.

If you are going to run out of concealer any minute, and you have no time to buy a new tube, just warm it up using a hair dryer. The warmed concealer will drip down the tube, and you will be able to use every ounce of it.

№ 4. Test lipstick shades on your finger pads to choose the right one.

As a rule, we test shades on our wrist. However, it is better to do this on your finger pads. Our fingers have the same light red pigment as our lips.

№ 3. In order for a cream to be absorbed better, use a roll-on deodorant bottle.

If you have an empty roll-on deodorant bottle, don’t rush to throw it away. Thoroughly wash it, and put any rich cream, gel, or oil inside. The roller gives a massage effect and helps the skin to soak up the cream better.

№ 2. Get bigger and fuller lips with a fork.

If you want to make your lips bigger and fuller, poke them with a fork for around 1-2 minutes. Then use any lipstick or lip balm.

№ 1. Don’t use too much makeup.


Too much concealer, the wrong lipstick tone, overuse of eyeliner, and intense dark colors to enlarge and highlight your eyebrows can make you look older. Choose natural makeup for young and elegant looks.