Game Of Thrones Cast In A Normal Attire

We all know the fact that celebrities get dressed heavily with a lot of makeup on for a play/film. In fact, it is almost hard to recognize them in a normal getup. Well, same is the case with the cast of a popular series named Game of Thrones. Mostly actors from this show were almost unknown to the public before it started. Fortunately, GoT became a hit in no time and eventually, the new actors earned global acknowledgment. Now, people are eager to see how they look like in a normal attire or real life. Are you also one of them? If so, then you are on the right page!

Nathalie Emmanuel – Missandei

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The first one in the list is your very own Nathalie Emmanuel aka Missandei in GoT. Certainly,she is a remarkable actor, and this show has opened many doors for her regarding work opportunities. In fact, the success of Missandei character led her to perform in Furious 7. This British beauty is doing a great job to stay in the headlines of the entertainment industry.