These Guys Got Married On A Glacier In Antarctica And It Was Incredible


When you think about your perfect wedding – what do you imagine? Is it a beautiful church ceremony? A room full of friends and family who are there to celebrate with you? Perhaps even a beach ceremony with a couple of closest friends? Sounds about right, unless you’re Brian Patrick Flynn and Hollis Smith’s.



This couple from Atlanta had the most unusual wedding ceremony we’ve ever heard of, and it took place in Antarctica. And when we say Antarctica, we don’t mean in some expedition hut, or like on a ship, no. These two got married on an actual glacier in Antarctica.



You probably have a lot of questions like “How?”, “Why?”, and “Is that even possible?”. To answer those we think it’s best to start at the beginning and tell you more about the Atlanta based couple.

Brian and Hollis both have very creative jobs. Brian is a TV producer and interior designer, he works on shows like HGTV Dream Home and HGTV Urban Oasis. Hollis is a costume designer for TV shows and has even worked on the Walking Dead. They’ve been together for almost a decade and the question of marriage was a very casual one for them. They knew they didn’t want to deal with guest lists and booking venues because that’s what they do at work a lot and it just seemed tedious.

So how did they get to Antarctica? Well, it was actually Brian’s dream to visit Antarctica one day. At first, he decided to book the trip to celebrate his 40th birthday, but the more he thought about it, the more the idea of getting married there sounded appealing. So one day he just casually mention to Hollis something along the lines of “What do you think about getting married in Antarctica?”. Hollis said yes and the rest is history.



While Brian was figuring out the logistics of the trip, and who can officiate them, Hollis got busy figuring out what should they wear for the ceremony. They didn’t know exactly where and when they would get married because so much depends on the weather during these expeditions, so Hollis had to take a lot into account.


Considering the fact that Antarctica is mostly black and white with shades of blue, he decided to choose colors that would stand out against this background. He chose a merlot colored velvet Jacket and black trousers for Brian, and a deep blue Dolce&Gabbana suit he once bought on a whim for himself. As you can see from the pictures – he made the right choice. Both men looked absolutely stunning.

They didn’t tell anyone on the cruise that they were getting married, only the crew knew. So when the time came to get onto the glacier and get married – it was just them and 4 polar experts.



However, when they returned to the ship, they found out that the scientists and the crew, who were in on their wedding plan, made a cake especially for them. They really didn’t know what to expect from the other 60 people on the ship, who had only just found out about them getting married, but they were pleasantly surprised at how happy for them and supportive everyone was.

After having returned home, Brian and Hollis thought that it was too beautiful of a day to just keep for themselves. So they decided to have a reception and celebrate with friends and family. And no, they’re not planning it themselves, they’ve hired an agency that will do most of the work for them, and yes, the reception will be Antarctica themed.