12 Things Guys Do Without Realizing It’s Super Weird

Men generally can get away with doing a lot of weird things, they just act however they want and don’t really think or care about what people will think, while women are pushed to be more conscious of what they do or say or how they act. It’s a weird thing in our society and we hope that by talking about it openly we can change these things and make them a thing of the past. So let’s talk about some weird and sometimes even creepy things men do without even realizing what they’re doing.



1. Being Disgusting
Let’s start with the most obvious thing. A lot of men think it’s fine to eat sloppily or burp while they’re in public. Some even go as far as to pick their nose. I mean, ew, do that at home if you’re so inclined, but there’s really no need to subject everyone around you to that kind of grossness.



2. Telling Women To Smile
Girls will agree with me that telling us to smile is one of the most annoying and weird things you could ever do. We’ve all heard the stupid excuses that it’s coming from a good place, and that these man just think you have a pretty face and it’s a shame you’re looking sad or something. But it’s just weird. Think about it, have you ever heard a man tell another man to smile? Especially a stranger on the street. Yeah, we didn’t think so either.


3. Staring
There’s a fine line between simply appreciating how good a girl looks and literally staring at her. What do men think that’s going to achieve? Don’t just stare at us, it’s weird, it’s creepy, it makes us very uncomfortable. Also, you look downright moronic when you do it, so do yourself a favor and stop.



4. Invading Personal Space
Ladies, raise your hands if you’ve met a guy who stands way to close to you when having a conversation, to the point where you feel like you need to take a step back to feel comfortable. And when you do step back, he steps forward. What the hell? Respect our personal space.


5. Demanding Hugs
This is a weird one too and it’s especially obvious in a group. If you’re meeting someone for the first time and they shake hands or high-five other men, but when it’s your turn and you give them your hand to shake they say “oh come on, give us a hug”. Why? I don’t even hug my friends that often, why would I hug a complete stranger.



6. Pet Names
Let’s all agree that pet names like “honey”, “darling”, “sweetheart” are only appropriate for people in a relationship, or if you’re fabulously gay and just call everyone that. If none of the above applies to you – forget about it.


7. “If Only I Was Younger”
It’s often older men who say this to young girls. Creep alert! What do you think you’re doing by saying that? Is that meant to be a compliment? How? Like what does that statement even mean? It’s just creepy.



8. Friend Zone
Here’s another classic – men complaining about women friend-zoning them. Weird how not every single women is attracted to you in that way huh? Must be weird living in a world where you just expect every women to fall in love with you. Interesting how you never hear women talking about being friend-zoned.


9. Cat Calling
This should be obvious, but clearly most men still haven’t gotten the message – don’t freaking shout weird things at us on the street.



10. Commenting On Every Photo
Trust me, most women get your hint from just one or two comments. There’s really no need to spam every single one of their Instagram pics. And it’s rarely thoughtful comments that have anything to do with the picture, most of the time it’s just a bunch of creepy emojis.


11. Stalking All Of Our Social Media
If we’re not close friends there’s no need to follow us on every single social media platform. There’s definitely no need to randomly slide into DMs to say the weirdest things ever. The amount of times we get creepy messages in our DMs is ridiculous, and most of us have just learned to ignore it, but that doesn’t mean it’s ok.



12. Facebook Friend Requests
This is something we’ll never understand. Why do guys think that adding us as a friend on Facebook if we’ve literally never met, never spoken and never even seen each other is a good idea? Do you seriously expect us to accept a friend request from a total stranger. Um, no thanks.