22 Weird Things That Can Trigger Allergies

Allergy season is here…but it’s not like it even matters. Because little do you know that 22 things you’re already doing, as in right now, could be triggering weird allergies and making you feel anywhere from (1) annoyed to (10) freaking miserable on the scale of pain. Before you blame the allergy season, make sure you’re not overdoing it in one of these daily activities.

1. Mobile Phones

Not only is there a possibly allergic reaction to nickel, but you also have low levels of radiation to worry about. Symptoms of allergic reaction could include dermatitis, urticari (red or white welts on your skin), redness and itchiness. Other symptoms could include headaches, fatigue and ringing in the ears. The proposed solution? Short-term relief from corticosteroids is the medical solution. Technology says using radiation shields via handless headsets or speaker phones might help. However, the ultimate solution would be talk to more people in person and fewer on the phone…yeah right, uh huh, sure, and maybe you could give up sex too.