11 Pool Floats You Need In Your Life This Summer

Did you get #FOMO when you saw Taylor floating around on that ginormous swan? Well, now you can have your own ginormous float whether the theme is food, animals, or some other quirky goodness. If it lets us float in water effortlessly, soak in the sun, and drink our favorite cocktail, we’re buying it ASAP.



Who care about swan floats when you have this chic, pink flamingo float by your side at all times? This goes perfect with a mimosa and fashion magazine. Pink lovers, pool your summer funds together for this float!



Or toss that mimosa for a glass of rose and this hilarious float that might have pool onlookers thinking you’re an alcoholic. This looks very spacious and comfortable.


What’s better than taking a bite out of a fresh, sprinkled donut? Floating in the sun atop of one that’s already had a bite taken out of it, of course. The selfie Opps with this space-efficient float are endless.



Have you ever wanted to feel like a mermaid? Well, with this pink shell, it’s possible. This thing looks super cozy and has room for three, judging by how much space this lil’ blondie is taking up. Turn into Ariel with this float.


Take your love for fruit to the next level with this watermelon slice. While we do wish that it was a full slice instead of a half wedge (for seating purposes of course) we love the vibrant summer colors that this float promises.



If you’ve ever wanted a real-life rainbow unicorn….well, we can’t help you much there, but if you want a look-a-like float to fill your desires of whimsy and fantasy for the ultimate West Coast vacation, this is definitely it.


We’re being self-centered when we think that all these floats were made for was our bums. What do we do to keep those precarious but very necessary cocktails safe in the pool? Mini unicorn drink floats, of course. The perfect party favor.



If you’e looking for a personal float for each person, this pizza pie float will meet all of your large party needs, while giving you the urge to order Dominoes as soon as you take a seat. Group bonding pizza party!


Or if you’re more antisocial, they sell this pizza slice solo. Hey, we’re not judging. We also don’t like to share our pizza either. It does’t count as being a loner if a whole pizza pie is at stake, alright?



We totally think that Kylie should have bought this float after she came under fire for lip injections. We’re not totally sure where to sit, though – wedge in the crack between the lips, or holding on for dear life to the top or bottom?


Pizza’s not for everyone, so for the ice cream super fans, we have a vanilla soft-serve delight that will fit perfect in any pool, ocean, or lake. We’ll even go down to the pond for a chance to float on this delicious snack.