9 Unexpected Cartoon Revelations That Will Change Your View of Them Forever

We still remember most of the dialogue from our favorite childhood cartoons because we watched them a million times over.

Today Here brings you several stories that will open them up from a totally unexpected side.

9. Mulan

The plot was based on the real story of Hua Mulan, trained by her father in martial arts, horse riding, archery, and swordplay. When the Emperor mobilized all men to war, Mulan went in her sick father’s stead. In 12 years of service, she received numerous decorations, and her deceit was never discovered.

8. Anastasia

There was a real person behind the cartoon Anastasia, and she was a daughter of the last Russian Tsar, Nicholas II. The girl was executed with the rest of the royal family in 1918. About 30 women have proclaimed themselves to be the "miraculously rescued" Grand Duchess, but their tricks were exposed.