A Fit Strong and Sexy Morning Routine to Get Moving


Amanda Russell is an Olympic-trained runner, model and founder of FitStrongandSexy.com. She’s also a co-host of an empowering new series aimed at women called The Positive Pushback. In between all this, Amanda took over our Instagram last weekend to share her morning routine and, with a cup of coffee in hand, revealed what gets her moving every day.

How Amanda starts her mornings. (Image: Instagram.com @livestrong_com)

I used to be a morning person, and in the past couple years, it's like I discovered the beauty of sleeping in and now crave those sleep-in mornings, and have become accustomed to hitting 'snooze'!

First thing I do in the morning is login to my FitStrongandSexy.com online account and get my workout for the day and get mentally ready before my feet hit the ground. Then I get busy before I can even spend time debating it! Emails, messages and more come once I knock out the workout!

Yes, I definitely love to sleep in on weekends! It's a total luxury I only recently discovered!


Amanda kickstarts her day with a workout. (Image: Instagram.com @livestrong_com)

1. Where to find her first thing in the morning.

2. Her morning fitness inspiration.

3. Amanda's favorite fiber-packed mid-morning snack.

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