20 safe African countries to visit

Are you thinking about paying Africa a visit, but are afraid of the negative stereotypes coming from the mass media? Are you worried about your safety in the country you are planning to visit?

Well, fear no more!

African countries were recently recognized by the Fund For Peace, an United States think tank, for their stability. This index rates the danger of countries failing, based on key economic, social and political signs using the Conflict Assessment System Tool approach. Plus, the continent is extremely diverse, and you will never get bored after one visit. You will end up with so many friends along the way, that travelling alone is almost impossible.

So what do you have to fear? Take a trip to the continent and experience the beauty, culture and people that it has to offer. Here are some countries that should be on your bucket list.

Well, where do you begin?

Africa can be very intimidating for a foreigner to visit, because you may not be so sure where to start. Do you begin with seeing wildlife? Going on a Safari? Experiencing the culture? In our opinion, visit the continent when you are ready to immerse yourself in the adventure. Just because the continent has some of the economically poorest countries in the world, it does not mean it is dangerous. Here are 20 picks worth checking out.