12 Pictures That Prove Everyday Should Be Mother’s Day

We love our moms. In fact, at Her Beauty we believe that everyday is Mother’s Day. Except perhaps on Father’s Day. Dads need their special day too, guys. Anyway, for more than 10 years Brussels-born photographer Pascal Mannaerts has been traveling around the world and taking pictures that show humanity at its most beautiful. His photos have been exhibited all around the world and his work has been featured in National Geographic, The Guardian, BBC, Lonely Planet, and other prominent publications. We decided it would be fun to show some of Mannaerts’ best photos that capture the bond between mother and child. Here are our 12 favorites in no particular order.



1. Cuzco, Peru
An expression of pride and dignity. Don’t mess with the alpaca either.



2. Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Mother and daughter share a moment of warmth.


3. Havana, Cuba
A mother who is raising her adoring son the right way.



4. Mongolia
A picture that represents three generations


5. Harar, Ethiopia
A super happy mother and baby!



6. Sonargaon, Bangladesh
A reflective mother with her son.


7. Kyoto, Japan
A mother and daughter enjoy a laugh together.



8. Indus Valley, India
The unbridled joy of motherhood.


9. Jerusalem
A Palestinian woman holding her son’s hand in one of the holiest cities for Muslims, Jews and Christians alike.



10. Porto-Novo, Benin
That baby is well loved.


11. Segou, Mali
A mother proving delicious refreshment to her son.



12. Shanghai, China
A mother lovingly feeds her child. We can only assume keeping the baby in the box is the best way to prevent it from breaking its other arm.