10 Unusual Ways To Prep Your Body For Summer


Let’s face it, summer is coming and, just like with winter, we need to do something about it! As we start unfolding from our warm shirts and stylish scarfs, more and more of our body is revealed to the public. Until that day finally comes and we jump into our favorite bikini just to find out that it’s a tad bit small and, oh boy, someone should’ve hit a gym like a decade ago. To avoid the shock of revealing your body during the sweet and sizzling summer days, we’ve gathered a few quite unconventional (and pleasant!) ways to prep your body for the upcoming warm season. Here are 10 unusual ways to prep your body for summer.



Start dancing
And we mean really go for it! Choose a dancing style of your liking and stick to it for more than just a month. Enjoy dancing at least twice a week and your body will become summer-ready in a blink of an eye! You will also feel and look better than you’ve ever had before as your metabolism will improve and stress levels will drop. If you want to shed more than just a few pounds – try ballet or contemporary. One dancing session will help you burn around 600 calories or more.




Go shopping
As crazy as it may sound, shopping can actually help you shed pounds. It is a pretty exhausting matter, isn’t it? When you’re totally into it, you can spend up to three hours shopping, depending on what you’re looking for. Even a regular grocery shopping with a stroll will turn into a real workout that can help you burn 500 calories or more. It’s like a one-hour session on a stationary bike!


Eat juicy fruits
As days get hotter, your diet should also start changing. Melons, watermelons, and other juicy fruits are amazing for high temperatures and will keep your body naturally hydrated without bloating you up. They are also packed with vitamins and are filling enough to quench both your thirst and hunger for quite some time. They also have a slimming effect on your body!



Clean your house more often
Cleaning the house might not be your most favorite pastime, but you’ll definitely start doing it more often once you hear about this. Yes, cleaning the house does make you slimmer! Half an hour of housework will do the same for you as 15 minutes of belly workout. You can kill two birds with one stone!


Sing as much as you want
Singing instead of doing push-ups? Yes, that’s the reality we want to live in. The truth is singing incorporates a great variety of muscles in your body and can become an amazing workout if you do it properly. One hour of singing can beat a 15-minute push-up workout! So go ahead and let out your inner Madonna because this is one of the most fun and inspiring ways to slim down.




Sleep a bit more
Sleep gives you all kinds of benefits, including beauty and weight loss. Give yourself enough sleep and not only your body, but your mind will also feel better. Sleep improves metabolism and even burns calories, especially when you sleep naked, according to some studies. Allow yourself those extra 5 minutes in the morning and your beach bod will look even more stunning!


Kiss your loved one
It’s not a secret that kissing helps burn calories, but we thought it’s still worth mentioning. Do you have a boyfriend you can’t stay away from long enough to hit the gym? Well then, you can do another type of workout and just kiss. Although, you should do a considerable amount of kissing if you want your body to change because one hour of kissing will burn only 60 calories. Nevertheless, we must admit it’s one of the most pleasant ways to shed pounds.


Laugh as much as possible
What would you prefer: 10 minutes of squats or 10 minutes of laughter? We believe the answer is quite obvious as laughing is the very definition of fun. Watch your favorite stand-up comedian, a funny movie, or simply do silly things with your friends – whatever works best for you! You can burn up to 40 calories per one laughing session.



Choose the right swimsuit
Yes, getting your body beach-ready also means you have to develop a keen sense of style because if you put your gorgeous body into the wrong type of swimsuit all your efforts will be ruined. And vice versa, if you put on the best bikini for your body shape, you’ll look like a queen no matter what. Don’t be lazy and try more than just a few models before you find the right one. Take a friend shopping and together you’ll definitely have fun!


Watch horror movies
Whether you’re a horror movie fan or not, you might consider watching these movies from time to time just to boost your metabolism a little bit. It’s not a secret that we get an adrenaline rush while watching horrors, which reduces appetite greatly. You want to eat less, while your body is working at its fullest ready to fight or flight. For example, The Exorcist will help you burn 158 calories, while The Shining will help you get rid of 184 calories, which equals to a 15-minute rope-jumping workout.


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