Top 9 Yoga Poses For Relaxation


While many workouts trigger our bod’s “fight or flight’ response due to stimulation, yoga actually helps do the opposite, aiding our body in digestion, recovery, and relaxation. Not only does it keep your body fit, but it’ll keep your mind sharp (and calm) as well.



1. Easy Pose or Sukhasana
This basic seated posture is the basis for many meditation and breathing exercises. It can open up your hips, strengthen your back, and stretch both knees and ankles. Sitting upright like this with an aligned spine reduces stress and anxiety.




2. Cat-Cow Pose
Often a gentle warmup in yoga classes, this move helps stretch and prepare the body for other moves. Not only does it make the spine more flexible but it stretches your back, torso, and neck while stimulating adrenal and kidney glands. It develops postural awareness and balance.


3. Supine Pigeon Pose
Here, your back remains on the ground while your legs walk up a wall to 90 degrees. It stretches outer hips, lower back, and increases range of motion. Drawing limbs towards the torso helps your mind turn inward and calms stress, along with helping digestive problems and menstrual pains.


4. Child’s Pose
This common beginner’s pose is often used as a resting moment between more complicated moves, but it’s beautiful on its own. It relaxes our front body while passively stretching our back torso – this resting pose soothes the brain in a restorative way.




5. Seated Forward Fold
This calming pose creates a deep stretch in the spine, hamstrings, pelvis and shoulders. It relieves stress, digestion, appetites and menstrual pain or menopause. It will calm your mind and be therapeutic in relieving high blood pressure and infertility.


6. Wide-Legged Forward Bend C
This standing move is relaxing and will help you loosing up your shoulders and prepare for bed. With feet three to four feet apart and arms clasps behind the back, drawn forward, you’ll release tons of tension with ease.


7. Legs Up The Wall Pose
This inverted pose is very rejuvenating and brings relief to the legs, feet, spine and nervous system. Not only will it relax you, but it will renew you! It can provide relief from insomnia, headaches, anxiety, and mild depression. Often done at the last pose of a yoga practice, this restorative move will bring life back to your body.



8. Downward Dog
This famous yoga pose involves tucking your toes, pedalling feet, and stretching the backs of the legs while your back and spine decompress. It gently activates muscles while deeply stretching and letting the blood momentarily rush to your head, reliving all tensions and worries.


9. Supine Twist
A less complicated version of Supine Pigeon where your body remains on the floor. This simple twist squeezes out your frustrations by decompressing via a twist. It stimulated and detoxifies your torso’s organs with this move. A great follow up to a hangover or fatigued day that will hydrate spinal disks while massaging backs and hips.