See What Tiger Woods' Ex Looks Like Now


Amazingly it has been almost a decade since the world was rocked by the news that golf superstar Tiger Woods had affairs with up to 120 women during his marriage to Elin Nordegren. Unsurprisingly this led to their eventual divorce in 2010. Read on to find out what the former Mrs. Woods has been up to over the last 10 years.




1. Elin Nordegren’s Early Life

Elin Nordegren, born in Stockholm, Sweden, is the daughter of a politician and radio journalist. She and her siblings used to work as cashiers during summers to finance their studies.


2. Cover Girl Model On Cafe Sport

It turns out that Nordegren’s beauty hadn’t flown completely under the radar. Before dating Tiger Woods, she had set her foot in the sports world - modeling. In 2000, she was the cover girl model for Cafe Sport.


3. Coming to the States

When Nordegren worked in a clothing store, she came across Mia Parnevik, wife of Jesper Parnevik, a Swedish golfer, and went together with them to the U.S. to be a nanny for the family.


4. She Caught Attention

After being introduced to the sports world by Mia and Jesper, she drew a lot of attention. Some single golfers showed great interest in her and wanted to date her.


5. Woods Was One Of Them

Although Tiger Woods liked Nordegren, she happened to be dating somebody at that time. He didn’t seem to mind though and continued to ask for a date with her for over a year.


6. The Meeting

They were finally introduced in 2001 at the British Open and started a relationship that would last for three years before their eventual marriage.


7. The Proposal

Woods officially asked for her hand in November 2003 at the luxury Shamwari Game Reserve in South Africa. Nordegren, unsuprisingly, said yes, and they got engaged.


8. The Wedding

An easy $2 million was spent on their expensive wedding held at the Sandy Lane Complex in Barbados in October 2004. Classic Tiger Woods.


9. They Started A Family

Elin gave birth to their daughter Sam Woods three years after they married. The day before Woods had taken second place at the U.S. Open. That was some week for the golfer!


10. Welcomed Another Kid

In 2009, the couple welcomed their second kid, a boy named Charlie into the family. Everything seemed to be going perfectly, yet little did we know that the end of the marriage was just around the corner.


11. The Notorious Car Crash

The golfer crashed his car on Thanksgiving in 2009 and Nordegren “saved” him with a golf club.


12. Full Falling Apart

A month later, a waitress declared that Tiger Woods had been involved in an affair with her for about three years. The golfer admitted it, and Nordegren moved out of their home.


13. They Tried To Work Things Out

A few months after admitting to infidelity, the Woods’ tried to work things out. Tiger returned to golf and finished the season in fourth place.



14. But In Vain

Finally though, the irreconcilable differences between them became too much and their marriage ended. In August 2010, they called it quits.


15. Windfall Of $100 Million

Elin reportedly ended up getting over $100 million from one of the most expensive divorce settlements in history. The former Mrs. Woods has led a relatively quiet life since then.


16. Silence Is Gold

Four years after their divorce, Nordegren remained silent on the topic. In 2014, she was straight up about the hardships and wringer she went through during that period. “For the kids’ sake”, that’s what mattered most to her back then.


17. Regular Visits To Therapy Center

Nordegren admitted that she had to visit therapy center to deal with the frustration and animosity because that was not what she believed was going to happen to her marriage. Regardless of the money, she’s been through a lot as a mother of two kids.


18. Get Her Degree

Clearly, Elin Nordegren isn’t all about beauty. She continued to study and graduated from Rollins College in 2014, receiving the Outstanding Senior Award. She was also selected to speak at the graduation ceremony.


19. Build A Mansion

She spent $12 million on her property, demolished the house, and built herself a mansion featuring 11 bedrooms, 15 full bathrooms, and 3 half bathrooms. Before the original house was torn down, Nordegren asked Habitat for Humanity to take whatever they wanted.


20. She Moved On

She has been romantically involved with Chris Cline, a billionaire and coal tycoon worth $1.86 billion. The on-and-off relationship with Cline is what has mainly occupied Nordegren’s love life in recent years.


21. She Patched Things Up With Tiger Woods

Four years after the divorce, Nordegren and Woods were on good terms again. Actually, they live just 25 minutes away and raise their kids together. Woods claimed his ex-wife to be one of his “best friends” now.


22. Scandal With Gavin Rossdale

In 2016, according to US Weekly, Nordegren and Gavin Rossdale were dating and trying to make things work. But in March 2017, Rossdale said that he had only texted Nordegren a few times, and “she’s a really great girl. But I’ve never met her”. Awkward, awkward, very awkward.


23. Speed Demon On The Road

It seems that Nordegren has some issues in speed control on the road. She’s been found guilty three times of speeding since 2012 and twice had to go back to driving school. Hopefully, she’s now learnt those traffic rules.


24. She Decided To Downsize

In 2018, Nordegren decided to downsize and sold her mansion for $48.5 million. Nordegren sure knows how to seal a deal. Now she lives in a smaller home, compared to the last one at least, but it’s cozy enough for two kids and a single mom.


25. She Sold Her Car

Apart from the mansion, she also decided to say goodbye to her condo. Sold at the price of $2.4 million, the car helped Nordegren to a profit of about $855,000.


26. She Went Back To School

Nordegren hasn’t given up on her dream to be a child psychologist and went back to school to continue her studies, finally getting a master’s degree in 2018. It seems that she has done a lot of work whilst not under the spotlight.


27. Career Is No Longer A Necessity

The former nanny and one-time model has no need to work anymore. Her spokesman once said that she wouldn’t go back to modeling, or any other career, like being a nanny for example.


28. On Better Terms With Her Famous Ex

Everything that happened in the past is in the past, and they’re friends now. Sex addict or not, Tiger Woods has admitted that it’s his fault that things didn’t work out, and that he should’ve realized what the most important things are in life. Yeah, he should have. Anyway, good luck to them on building better terms, for their kids’ sake.


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