Stylists Share 8 Techniques to Help You Look Younger


It has been proved that facial wrinkles and a large number of pigment spots make you look older. The people around you look at them and try to determine your age. But there are some things in our appearance that can make us look younger than we really are.

A group of researchers from France and the US found out that people who are trying to understand how old a woman is unconsciously pay attention to the contrast of her face: how highlighted her eyes, lips, and eyebrows are. Bright facial features indicate that a person is healthy and young. Some people are born with such features, and others use cosmetics to enhance their appearance.

We at Here decided to tell you how to use cosmetics and how to style your hair to look much younger.

1. Full lower lip


The effect of "childish" lips is a basic way to look a few years younger. Modern girls prefer to make their upper lip bigger because they think this will make them look more attractive. But, in fact, a large upper lip makes a woman seem older, whereas a full lower lip makes the face look younger and more naive.

2. Highlighted eyebrow baseline

To make your look fresher, you need to highlight your eyebrow baseline. Modern celebrities have been using this trick for a long time now, and you can use it too.

All you need is a highlighter or the brightest eye shadows you can find.

3. High cheekbones

With age, facial features become less prominent because the skin becomes less elastic. Moreover, many women don’t have high cheekbones at all. And they can help you look a few years younger.

In this case, you can either use smart makeup techniques or cosmetic injections. But make sure that you find a really good specialist who won’t spoil the natural beauty of your face.

4. Small earlobes

Earlobes are something that women neglect for some reason. However, earlobes that are too big from years of wearing heavy earrings make a woman look older.


The shape of the earlobes can easily be corrected with injections or laser procedures. But these are radical methods. It’s much easier to prevent this problem: use a nourishing cream every day, and don’t wear heavy earrings.

5. Natural skin color

Even though tanned skin can help mask little defects on your face, it makes you look a few years older. This is because it’s easier to see wrinkles on tanned skin. In addition, the sun makes you old in a very literal way. Don’t forget that ultraviolet rays are very harmful, so use sunscreen every day.

6. A little "unkempt" hair

Nothing makes you look older than perfect hair where every detail is the way it should be. Only girls with an ideal face and perfect skin can be brave enough to have such hair. If you don’t want to look older, you should keep the tips a little bit uneven, and your hair should be a bit unkempt.

The effect of "uneven tips" makes you look younger. However, if you want your hair to have the same length and still look great, just curl it a little.

7. Natural hair color

A bright hair color is often associated with youth. The same result can be achieved with a natural dark color. The most important thing is to have a very natural color. Women with unnaturally blonde hair that looks kind of yellow and women with extremely dark hair look older than they really are.

If you decide to have your hair dyed, try to choose the most natural and suitable color for you.

8. Slightly "wild" eyebrows


“Wild“ eyebrows can make your face look brighter and younger. It’s important not to overdo it — and not to give up eyebrow shaping entirely. Bushes instead of neatly groomed hair look unattractive.

Find a good specialist to help you keep your eyebrows natural with just a touch of ”wildness."

These tips are good for almost everyone. The key word is "almost" because every person is different. Tell us how you mask age-related facial changes.

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