10 Celebrities Who Don’t Give a Damn About Public Opinion

It is not so easy to be a celebrity. Everyone keeps an eye on them and criticizes any flaw or excessive pound.

Here found 10 celebrities who seem to be completely confident about their weight and are not going to get slimmer for the sake of somebody else’s opinion.

Vin Diesel

When the photo of Vin with a big belly popped up on the internet, a lot of fans refused to believe it was genuine. But it appeared to be true. That was exactly how Diesel looked in 2015. However, it is worth mentioning that the celebrity got back into shape very quickly.

Christian Bale

They say the actor gained weight not because he gave up on himself but because of a new movie part. And we can easily believe that. In 2004, he lost 120 lb for his part in The Machinist and then gained 100 lb for Batman Begins.