15 Surprising Movie Scenes You’ve Never Seen


For some reason, many directors today cut out scenes from the final versions of their movies that are crucial to better understand the plot. This can leave their viewers guessing.

Here found 15 such movies where those "hidden" scenes shed new and awesome light on our favorite plots.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


The golden rule of any adventure: if a killed character’s body isn’t shown, then they’re alive. In a hidden scene of the movie (maybe we’ll see it in the sequel), Credence boards a ship to leave New York.

The Dark Knight Rises

When Cillian Murphy (Scarecrow) appears as a judge, he condemns the prisoners to “banishment“: instead of death, they were given a chance to leave the city on a river that had frozen over. In a deleted scene, Jim Gordon asks him, ”No lawyer. No witnesses. You call it a due legal process?" To which the Scarecrow replied, “It’s more than you gave your prisoners, Commissioner.” This means punishment methods were mostly unjust, and Batman is largely a villain (he and Gordon also threw criminals into jail without a trial).