11 Actors Who Made Directors Kill Off Their Characters

It’s always sad when your favorite character dies in a movie. But sometimes, surprisingly, actors ask for that to happen themselves.

We at Here know 11 celebrities who did just that — and they had their reasons.

11. Star Wars: Episodes V and VII — Harrison Ford

Even while thinking over the first part of the saga, Ford wanted to have his character killed to make Han Solo a hero in the viewers’ eyes. Lucas, however, only agreed to freeze him in Episode V to revive him later. Still, in Episode VII, Ford’s request was finally granted because he managed to convince the director that Solo’s death would give emotional weight to the movie and let new characters appear in the franchise.

10. The Lord of the Rings — Sean Bean

This was actually Bean’s favorite death. The actor came to regret his decision to shoot in the movie as soon as he learned the set would change, and he’d have to fly a lot (he’s terrified of flying). Sean met his onscreen demise in New Zealand and made the most of it. As he himself puts it, you’ll never see a finer death scene.