Why Are Women Still Wearing These Outdated Fashion Trends?


Fashion trends come and go every year. While some styles are timeless, other trends continue to stick even after they’re over. Just because these styles were popular for a while doesn’t mean that they still look good.

You may be surprised which trends some people are still sporting, from Crocs to baggy hoodies to unnecessarily bringing in flannel. Are you still wearing these outdated styles? Learn the harsh truth about which fashion trends are officially “out.”

Mismatching Patterns Too Much


 Christian Vierig/Getty Images

On occasion, mismatching patterns can look good. Light grey on dark grey? Classic. But loud patterns–such as leopard print, plaid, polka-dots, or neon colors–shouldn’t be mismatched. At worst, it’s hard to look at, and at best, it’s boring.

It’s no secret that combining patterns doesn’t usually work (unless you’re in a music video). But combining bright shades of the same color can also make you look older. When in doubt, always pair loud colors or patterns with a neutral.