The Best Firming Lotion for the Tummy


Cellulite and loose skin on the tummy are common concerns for women. Whether the problems are attributed to aging skin, post-baby belly or sagginess from recent weight loss, you may be looking for an easy way to firm your stomach. While firming lotions may help the appearance of your skin to some degree, there is no evidence that such products can cure any condition. Choose your body products wisely and consider an overall healthier routine to firm your tummy.


A woman has lotion on her stomach. (Image: Milan Markovic/iStock/Getty Images)

Purported Benefits

Firming lotions have two functions. First, some are anti-aging formulas specifically designed to help achieve younger looking skin. This effect purportedly works by increasing levels of collagen, a natural elastic fat that helps make your skin supple during youth. Another claimed benefit of tummy firming lotions is that they can reduce the appearance of cellulite. Known for its dimpled appearance, cellulite forms when fat becomes trapped in pockets below the skin's surface. Cellulite is prominent on fatter areas of the body, including the stomach.



Finding an effective firming lotion can require trial and error. Firming products are sold in high-end spas as well as more affordable options in drugstores. Paying more for a tummy firming product doesn't necessarily mean it's the best. Only certain products are designed specifically for the stomach. If you're looking for all-over firming effects, you may consider a body lotion.

Scientific Evidence

Firming lotions are often marketed with promises for tighter skin. However, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims. Antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E may help to prevent the appearance of collagen breakdown, but lotions cannot help form new collagen in aging skin. Also, cellulite is permanent on the body once you have it , including your abdomen area. The perk with firming lotions is that the extra moisture can help make skin look smoother, thereby potentially minimizing the appearance of cellulite and saggy skin.

Firming Your Beauty Routine

Whether firming lotion can help tone your stomach is debatable. Aside from a quick beauty fix, Medline Plus recommends lifestyle changes to help firm your tummy. Eating a healthier diet and exercising can aid in weight loss that may help tone your abdominal area. If cellulite is the problem, consider trading in your afternoon coffee for water -- this will help hydrate the skin better.

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