Blonde To Brunette: The Best Hair Decision These Celebs Have Ever Made


"A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life," as Coco Chanel once famously put it. Nevertheless, sometimes the change of hair colour can be just as dramatic as choosing a new haircut. Now here comes the dilemma which has existed for centuries: blonde or brunette, which one to choose? A debate that has raged as long as dating and sex have been a thing.


To answer this question, let’s first take a look at some celebs in their blonde and brunette looks.

Celebs Who Went From Blonde to Brunette

1.Emma Stone:

When Emma went blonde, it worked — some of her most memorable red carpet moments happened when her hair was blonde. However, it became pretty clear as she dyed back to her darker copper that brown is indeed the soulmate of her strands.

2. Carey Mulligan:

We didn’t know we were so attracted to her hair color until she darkened her natural haircolor. When she’s blonde,her light hair sticks out her dark circles.But as a brunette, her eyes sparkle better and reflect more light, and her complexion seems healthier.

3. Beyoncé:

Beyoncé’s dark dye decision might have been one of her most major hair moments. But even the Beygency can’t deny that the caramel tones in her on the run hair are flawless.

4. Zooey Deschanel:

Deschanel’s bouncy chocolate looks are a huge part of her quirky personality.

5.Mary-Kate Olsen:

Against her dark, sophisticated wardrobe, the hefty shade only adds to her mystique.

Why Brunettes Are Better Than Blondes

1.Brunettes ooze intellect. Hazel hues look like they retain important information.


2.Brunettes ooze class. Ladylike beauties Kate Middleton and Victoria Beckham have been flying the flag for the brown-haired brigade.

3. Versatility and subtlety. Taking five minutes out from being the centre of attention is easy for brunettes.

Blonde To Brunette At Home

You'd think going from blonde to brunette like Carey Mulligan would be easier than going in the other direction, but it really isn't! But with our tips, we'll have you going dark disaster-free.

If you want to dye your hair brown, you have to be very careful about what dye you use otherwise you will end up with a completely unwanted color and an expensive color correction service. Luckily, there are two easy ways to avoid this: filling your blonde hair or using a warmer shade.

Filling blonde hair

Depending on what shade of blonde you have and how light your hair is, you may need to fill it with gold or red tones for the best possible result before you switch it to brown. You can easily make it by applying a warmer shade before you apply the desired brown shade.

5 - Light ash brown 7 - Medium red blonde
4 - Medium ash brown 6 - Dark red blonde
5 - Light natural brown 6 - Dark red blonde
4 - Medium natural brown 5 - Light red brown
3 - Dark natural brown 4 - Medium red brown
5 - Light golden brown 6 - Dark red blonde
4 - Medium golden brown 5 - Light red brown
5 - Light auburn 6 - Dark red blonde
4 - Medium auburn 5 - Light red brown
5 - Light mahogany 6 - Dark red blonde
4 - Medium mahogany 5 - Light red brown
5 - Light burgundy 6 - Dark red blonde
4 - Medium burgundy 5 - Light red brown

Dyeing with a warmer shade

You can also dye it with a brown shade warmer than your desired color so that the extra red tones in your warm dye make up for the missing tone in your hair. For example, a natural brown would turn out more like an ash brown.

Ash brown Natural brown
Natural brown Golden brown
Golden brown Caramel brown
Caramel brown Caramel brown
Red brown Red brown

How to go from blonde to brunette with L'Oreal Paris

For starters, make sure you hair be in its best condition for a successful transformation.


Step 1: Preparation. Begin about three weeks before the colouring.Trim the ends to make them in good shape. Use the right shampoo and for your hair type. Ensure even distribution and absorption of new colour from root to tip.
Step 2: Apply two boxes of warm brown, like L'Oréal Paris Preference Mousse Absolue Original Medium Brown #500 ($18.99). This shade has enough red to allow you to skip a fill colour; a double-dose will completely saturate the hair for uniform results and help minimize the risk of going green.