Older Celebrities You Might Not Know Are Still Alive And Well

Let’s face it, time works in a mysterious way! Perhaps, we can blame this on the rapid advancement of technology if we want. However, film and television have the ability to commemorate our favorite actors and actresses during the peak of their lives. Can you believe that it has only been several decades ago that silent black and white films were considered to be the norm? There are many things one can express nostalgia over when talking about the so-called Golden Age of Hollywood. This period in history was when the best performers and artists were given the figurative stage to produce some of the best works.

You might be surprised to learn, however, that many of these legendary men and women are still alive and keeping! Some appear to have won the genetic lottery and aged like fine wine. You will find people who credit their nutritious diets for the state of their health, whereas others simply seem to be in possession of nine lives!