Jen Widerstrom's 8 Quick Tips for Living Healthy On the Go

It seems that no matter how easy or efficient our lives may become, we will still forever be pressed for time. Our hectic schedules make it difficult to balance every aspect of work, home, friends, family and health to perfection. caught up with “The Biggest Loser’s” motivation coach Jen Widerstrom to get all of the quick fixes for our busy days. Read on for tips to help you avoid that dreaded afternoon slump, snack wisely and stay motivated — despite your jam-packed calendar.

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Crunch the Crash

“A recent study found that consumers, on average, crash at 2:58 p.m. each day,” Widerstrom says. “Even with proper meal prep and planning, more than half of Americans have an afternoon crash at least once a week. And that energy crash can lead to poor decision-making later in the day, including eating an unhealthy dinner or skipping the gym.”

Post-lunch walks are essential for keeping your energy levels up. Fifteen to 20 minutes is all it takes to increase digestion and brain activity, amping you up for the second half of the day.

The rag-doll stretch is a great way to get your blood flowing after sitting at your desk for several hours. All you need is 30 seconds and standing room to open your body from head to toe. Simply exhale as you bend forward at the hips, lengthening the front of your torso.

Outsmart your cravings. “My solution is to make sure you’re eating enough healthy foods and drinking enough water, because that’s typically what the reaction is,” says Widerstrom.

Fuel Your Fire

In her new book, “Diet Right for Your Personality Type,” Widerstrom prescribes a tailored diet to match your personality type for optimized results. But no matter what your personality may be, we all need healthy boosts throughout the day.

Snacks that have high protein, fiber and healthy fats, but are low in sugar, will keep you energized and curb your hunger. This will keep you from making poor choices later in the day.

Pack small bags of healthy snacks to keep in your desk, car, gym bag or briefcase. They’ll come in handy when you need a boost of energy.

Motivation for Domination

As a motivation coach on “The Biggest Loser,” Widerstrom helps inspire people to achieve their goals. Every fitness and diet aspiration starts with motivation. Channel your motivation with these healthy living tips.

Choose one thing each day to improve on from the day before. This could include packing a healthy lunch, going to the gym or getting to bed early. Moments become minutes and minutes become days, ultimately leading to a greater year based on simple improvements.

Three-hug rule! OK, you don’t exactly have to hug, but interact with at least three people a day in a positive way. Compliment, high-five and, if you can, squeeze in a hug. It’ll change your outlook — and theirs — for the better.

Instead of sleeping in, motivate yourself to get up and complete a quick workout. Ask yourself, “If I get this 60 minutes of extra sleep, what am I giving up?” says Widerstrom. “When I sweat and move, my head is more clear and my energy is elevated. I also make better food choices during the day. So is one hour of sleep worth trading in all those other things I just listed? My answer is no.”

To hear more from Widerstrom, including a sneak peek of her upcoming book, “Diet Right for Your Personality Type,” check out our interview below:

Healthy Living Tips From Jen Widerstrom

Too busy to exercise? Jen Widerstrom, motivational trainer from The Biggest Loser is here to share healthy living tips for on-the-go people!

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