15 Useless and Harmful Exercises You Should Stop Doing Now

You’re probably aware of how important regular physical activity is for your well-being. It helps improve both mental and physical health. You may think that doing any exercise is good. However, not all workouts are created equal. Some moves are a waste of your gym time or even worse—actually harmful and more likely to result in injury.

The next time that you are at the gym—take a look around. You’ll probably see people doing these exercises. But, resist the urge to do them yourself. These 15 common gym moves are ineffective at best and plain dangerous at worst.

1. Lat Pulldown – Behind the Head

Lat Pulldown – Behind the Head – http://bodybuilding-wizard.com/

The lat pulldown is an effective exercise for working the muscles of the back. It is probably one of the worst exercises that you can do, though. If your shoulders are not very flexible, this exercise can lead to shoulder impingement causing you to risk a rotator cuff injury. On top of the risk of a shoulder injury, neck strain is common when doing a lat pulldown. Most people are not flexible enough to get a straight pull behind the neck. Therefore, they crane their neck forward to do the move, which can cause strain to the neck.